What is Posture Alignment Therapy?

Many people cannot pinpoint where their pain is coming from, and unfortunately, few achieve long-term relief.  BodyTrippin' Massage Chicago is one of only a handful of locations in Illinois that utilizes the Egoscue Method ® of pain relief.  We pride ourselves in providing a customized, non cookie-cutter approach to remedying the cause of your symptoms through a program of gentle exercises and body-balancing stretches to free your body from limitations and pain.

I am a recommended affiliate and certified as a Posture Alignment Specialist trained in the Egoscue Method ®. 

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Posture Alignment in the Egoscue Method – FAQ’s

How do you pronounce Egoscue?

Egoscue is pronounced EE-GOSS-QIt is named after the founder of The Method and best selling author, Pete Egoscue.


When you speak about "aligned posture", what does this look like?

functional posture
Example of Aligned Posture


Posture Alignment Therapy returns the body to its normal standing anatomical position, or blueprint as we like to call it.  The 8 major load joints of the body (shoulders, hips, knees, ankles) are directly aligned (see images above), and your spine has a natural S-curve.  In this position, body weight is evenly distributed through the spine and joints and our bodies can easily handle the impact from walking, running, jumping, standing, bending, twisting, etc.  This position also gives us proper muscle balance, strength and flexibility resulting in no spine and joint pain or degeneration.

Hence, we call it the Functional Anatomical Position because the body is functioning efficiently and pain free.

Your body can deviate from this position for several reasons, including past trauma.  Once the body starts to deviate, muscular compensation sets in, causing more deviation, and finally pain and degeneration as more stress is imposed on the muscles, spine and joints.  Click here for a list of symptoms related to spine and joint deviation.


How do I know Posture Alignment Therapy in the Egoscue Method is the right choice for me?

Are you someone who has been in chronic pain and is tired of quick fixes that only offer short-term relief?  Are you motivated and disciplined, and willing to take responsibility for your health while committing to a holistic, long-term solution?  Do you want to learn why the problem really exists, how you can make it better now, and how you can maintain your health for a lifetime?  Do you believe you can get better and that no one knows more about your health than you?  Then you have come to the right place!


What should I bring to my posture appointment?

During your initial assessment, your certified Posture Alignment Specialist Jaye Wingstrom will look at your eight major load bearing joints: Your two shoulders, two hips, two knees, and two ankles.  Please wear (or bring clothes to change into) that will allow for this to be a simple process.  Please wear shorts.  Women should wear a sports bra.  If you aren’t comfortable in a sports bra, please wear a tank top.  Also, please wear a pair of athletic shoes (lace up is suggested).


What will happen during my appointment?

You and your therapist will discuss the pain or performance concerns that you are currently having.  A postural assessment, functional testing, and gait analysis will be done to determine your compensations and dysfunctions that are causing your pain.  Posture photos will be taken every few visits to track the progress of your structural changes.  Your therapist will develop a series of e-cises, called your “Menu”, to address your specific compensations and dysfunctions. Your menu will change every week to adapt to the musculoskeletal changes that will be taking place in your body.


How long does an appointment last?

Other than the first appointment which can last about one hour, in general you should plan to be at an appointment for 1 hour.  Appointment lengths may vary based on symptom severity or number of e-cises in your Menu.


How long will it take to complete my course of posture alignment therapy?

Everyone responds differently.  We have had clients get pain free in just a few sessions where others have had several dozen sessions.


Do you use manipulation, instruments, or machines in your therapy?

No.  The posture alignment therapy is completely hands off.  The exercises are performed by you, thus putting control of your health back in your hands.  The Egoscue technique is designed to provide you with the “tools” to make permanent changes in the body.  This is not something that requires a “hands on” approach because we work with the model of “give what the body will take” and allow each person’s response to guide the next step.  The benefits are like going to the bank; the more you put into it, the more you get out of it.


Does Holistic Healing Chicagoland accept insurance?

No.  Because posture alignment therapy in the Egoscue Method  is a 100% non-medical approach to pain management, insurance is not accepted.


Will I have to purchase expensive equipment to complete my therapy?

No.  Most of the corrective e-cises can be done with little to no equipment.  When equipment is required, items around the home can be used.  Some clients choose to purchase their own equipment that is used in the studio to replicate their mind – body connections exactly as practiced with their Posture Alignment Specialist in appointments.  Equipment such as slant boards, pillows and Towers can be inexpensively purchased through equipment provider Therapy Zone .


Where is your office located?

At the moment,  I can see clients at  5115 N. Ravenswood Ave.  We also offer this modality as a mobile service to your location if you so prefer.  Many clients enjoy the idea that they can learn this awesome method in their home away from the scrutiny of others such as in a health club setting.


What should I expect on the first visit?

The initial visit is an approximately one hour session working one on one with Jaye, a certified Posture Alignment Specialist in the Egoscue Method.

The first visit includes an extensive health history and a detailed postural and functional assessment.  Photos are taken so you can actually SEE the skeletal position of your body.  Your gait is analyzed and various movements are performed to evaluate your specific limitations.  An individualized program is designed for you to go through on your 2nd visit and perform at home on a daily basis.


poor posture
An Example of Poor Posture


Your at home e-cise programs will be designed to fit your lifestyle.  The average length of a home program is 20-45 minutes., but can be adjusted to suit your needs and lifestyle.   You will receive pictures of the exercises /positions with a detailed description of how to perform each one.  The key to Posture Alignment Therapy in the Egoscue Method is the SEQUENCE of the exercise and CONSISTENCY of performing them.


What can I expect on a follow up session?

Return visits are typically scheduled every 2 weeks from the previous appointment.  Each follow-up session is 1 hour in length.  The average client returns for 4 to 5 additional sessions over the course of 3 months, although many clients can continue their journey in alignment through doing yoga, PIlates, and other strength training or fitness programs.

Each follow up session includes a reassessment of posture, gait and movement.  This allows us to determine the changes in the body from the initial home program.  Based on this reassessment, a new exercise menu will be designed for you to allow you to progress.


How are these exercises different from the ones I received in personal training, physical therapy, or from my chiropractor?

The key difference is that Posture Alignment Therapy in the Egoscue Method technique addresses the entire body.  We don’t treat the site of the pain or symptom, we address the underlying cause or source of the problem.  In addition, we also use passive resting positions combined with gentle repetitions to activate or stimulate individual muscles in a very specific position and in a specific sequence.  This allows a gradual re-education of the body so that restoration of alignment and movement occurs without excessive effort or force being applied.

The second major difference is that we have the time to spend with you one-on-one to ensure that what you are doing and feeling (in mind, body, and spirit) are the correct responses to the corrective e-cises.  Many client’s come in with previous experience with other methods and found that exercises were assigned without any instruction or care.  That’s my standard of care; our goal is your success! 

The Egoscue technique is designed to provide you with the “tools” to make permanent changes in the body.  This is not something that requires a “hands on” approach because we work with the model of “give what the body will take” and allow each person’s response to guide the next step.


Do I have to do these exercises for the rest of my life?

Yes and no, it depends ultimately on the client.  Most clients find that if they commit to at least 20 min./day for 3 months, they experience a significant change in alignment and function.  Pain goes away and their activities of daily living resume to normal and/or improve dramatically.

This in turn teaches the student to listen to what his/her body is saying.  At that time clients may choose to stop doing their menu of corrective e-cises on a daily basis.  However, I’ve found that after the 3 month time frame, a majority of clients do indeed chose to continue with a daily and 2-3x/weekly routine because of the continued benefits that they notice as a result.  Our clients describe that they “look forward” to these exercises because they make their body feel so much better.


What if I live a great distance away and cannot come to sessions as often as I should?

Not a problem at all.  At BodyTrippin' Massage Chicago, I can take the office and expertise right to you.  Although the cost is slightly higher to serve you in-home, the convenience can many times be worth it.


I enjoy doing other activities.  Will I have to stop my current exercise routine?

It depends.  The majority of the time, we encourage you to continue with a current program as long as it is not causing more pain while being performed.  At times, we will have you stop weight training in the initial 2 week phase so that you can maximize the changes in alignment.  If you work on strengthening muscles when the joints are not in alignment, you basically are strengthening your dysfunction.  Our job is to help you “get straight” and then guide you to strengthen.  Most cardiovascular exercise is encouraged during your progression of work with Posture Alignment Therapy in the Egoscue Method.