Since the Fall of 2014, I have been studying and incorporating a bodywork into my practice known as NeuroMuscular Reprogramming (NMR).  As of March, 2016, BodyTrippin' Massage Chicago is the only business in the Chicagoland area that is certified in this modality.  This bodywork utilizes in-depth, efficient protocols for figuring out and correcting dysfunctions that can cause most musculo-skeletal pain, joint misalignment, and degeneration.  NMR engages in a kinesthetic conversation with the motor control center of the brain to facilitate new learnings.  It bypasses the usual reflex spinal root circuits to address neuromuscular problems at their source, the motor control center.  This is achieved through the specific use of muscle testing, which serves as a biofeedback device to bring the body into sharp focus, increasing our conscious connection with it, revealing how interrelated parts move and feel coordinated with each other.  Clients who are more sensitive to their bodies can feel immediately the improvement in neuromuscular connectivity as they participate in corrections and connections being made. In other words, clients can feel why they are experiencing pain symptoms in particular parts of their body or acknowledge why there may limited range of motion in certain joint actions.

Have you heard about Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT)?  Although not a well-known fact, NMR is actually the original bodywork modality which spawned NKT.  In my opinion, NMR maintains the more tangible, effective, applicable, and understandable protocols that clients can feel results from, and as a client myself of both modalities, there really is no comparison.  When you want real results, I'd stick with the original.  A colleague of mine in New Jersey, John Tsafos, wrote a brilliant blog post on what NMR is all about and how he incorporates it into his practice.  Read about that HERE.


For more information about NMR from an industry standpoint, please click HERE.

For a brief history of NMR written by the founder, Jocelyn Olivier, please click HERE.

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 It's been getting rave don't you think you should check it out?

I've got exciting news:  The office is now equipped with a Comfort Craft ® massage table!  Why is this a big deal, you ask?  Well, it's all about ergonomics; the best way to describe it is thinking of this innovation as the "Swiss army knife" of massage tables. The engineering geeks got together with the massage therapists, and the Comfort Craft is the result. 


This is a great stock photo of what it looks like.  The one in the office is a pretty light green, although you won't care or notice because there are always sheets and a table warmer on top of it!  The coolest thing about this table is the mid-split feature which allows you to comfortably lay in the prone position for a prolonged period of time. 

The Comfort Craft table offers your client a new sense of comfort and aids in the relaxation process. A flat table puts the lower back in compression, but with just the touch of a button, your Comfort Craft table relaxes the pressure on the lower back by raising the mid-split to 9 or 10 degrees. By releasing the compression from the lower back, this area can now fully relax, allowing the therapist to open up the back area with little effort. Relaxation is enhanced in the shoulders and upper body by bringing the arms forward and resting the forearms on the multi-positional adjustable arm rests. The client can adjust their arm positions during treatment for maximum support and comfort. The whole face is supported with an adjustable headrest. As the back decompresses and opens up, the head must have room to move forward and not be jammed into a face pillow. The full-face pillow and sliding headrest offer greater comfort during a treatment as the client’s head can float in and out to improve decompression of the spine.  --from the Comfort Craft ® website.

 So...make an appointment and feel for yourself how awesome it is.  There isn't any part of you that is flat, so why lay on a massage table that is?






...Feeling like a stressed-out zombie?




No worries!  If you've never been BodyTrippin', now's your chance to chill out.




The "NEW CLIENT RATE" has now been extended to include 75-and 90-Minute massage sessions:


60-Minutes:   $80

75-Minutes:   $94

90-Minutes:   $108