Mobile Massage Therapy? What does this mean?

When you see the phrase "Mobile Massage Therapy" in our email correspondence or other places on this website, this refers to a really neat but simple and efficient phenomenon: Instead of leaving your warm and cozy home, venturing out in the cold, wrangling with traffic, and spending a fortune on relaxation, the spa literally comes to you. 

In other words, the therapist arrives right at your doorstep with all the accoutrements you need.  I bring a massage table, sheets, organic massage oil or lotion, bolster, relaxing music, and most important-table warmer-to your home.  All that is required of the client is to clear a roughly 5 by 9 foot space in order to allow the therapist to safely move around to work.

I may arrive a few minutes early in order to set up.  A brief health history intake form will need to be filled out, and the I will discuss with you what your goals for the session will be.  I will allow for your privacy as you prepare for the relaxation to begin!

Mobile massage therapy appointments cannot be made online.  Please call (773) 320-4479 to book an appointment.



Mobile massage therapy appointments are generally available during various times.

Mobile massage appointments are not available on Saturdays, simply because I am in the office all day.

Other days and times may be arranged.  Please call for availability.  


All mobile massage therapy appointments must be guaranteed in advance/pre-paid with a valid credit card for each booking.

The following rates regularly apply:

60-Minute Massage:   $170

75-Minute Massage:   $195

90-Minute Massage:   $220


* Requests for mobile massage outside of normal mobile business hours (starting before 10 am or ending after 8pm) are subject to a price increase of 20%.  

* Travel to a location greater than an 5-mile radius from area code 60618 is also subject to a 15% travel fee.